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We are the commercial agent of the major VOIP telephony, Betamax GMBH and Dellmont SARL operators. Our site offers the convenient service for recharging the VOIP telephony balance.
Our competence covers forwarding the credit from our accounts to the account of the final consumer, as well as selling the top up vouchers (pre-paid cards).

We can recharge any account, with the exception of the accounts blocked for further recharging. 

Each users account is identified by the unique name, and that excludes existence of two or more accounts with similar User Name. 

In one operation we are able to forward the sum from 5 to 50 Euros or Dollars, depending on the currency of the account being recharged. Also the top up vouchers for unassisted recharging of the account for any amount are available. At present moment top up vouchers of 5, 10, 25 Euro or Dollars value are available on our site. 

Recharging the clients account is performed automatically and takes not more than a minute after a successful payment.

Exceptions are possible if a report about a successful payment from the payment system server was not received or if a failure takes place at the Betamax or Dellmont servers where the recharge is performed.

Automatic recharge is impossible if a client has entered the non-existing username or chosen the wrong provider.  

After finishing the payment, a customer is redirected to the page of the site where the information about the recharge status can be found. 

In the case when the automatic recharge of the account is impossible, the credit is forwarded manually. Maximum time of manual recharge is not longer than 8 hours from the moment of addressing to the support service, or from the moment of receiving the report on the recharge status, which is sent to us at the every recharge.  

Payment Methods

At present moment we have the following payment methods available at our site:
VISA or MASTERCARD emitted by any bank of the world. (See How to pay via Vısa/ Mastercard)
Liqpay the system of instant online payments. (web-site www.liqpay.com See How to pay via Liqpay).
Webmoney the system of instant online payments. (web-site www.webmoney.ru See How to pay via Webmoney. See the Notice Of Risk).
Liberty Reserve  the system of instant online payments. (web-site www.libertyreserve.com See How to pay via Liberty Reserve).
Ecumoney the system of instant online payments. (web-site www.ecumoney.com See How to pay via Ecumoney).
Pecunix  the system of instant online payments. (web-site www.pecunix.com See How to pay via Pecunix).
Cashu the system of instant online payments. (web-site www.cashu.com See How to pay via Cashu).
Interkassa payment processing service. See How to pay via Interkassa

Limited Liabilities

Our liabilities are limited with forwarding the credit to the account of the final consume, in accordance with amount paid and the user name given in the payment form.

In the case when the user name is absent we will contact the client via e-mail to specify the necessary information. If within 24 hours there no reply from the client is received, payment will be returned.

Using VOIP telephony has been regulated in agreement with Terms of use, stated on the sites of each provider. 

All requests and claims concerning the VOIP telephony services should be addressed to the service provider. For communication with the service provider, there is a contact form for each provider at the personal page of a user account. (Choose Customer Service - Menu link)

If you have any questions concerning our rules and service dont hesitate to contact us. We are ready to perform quick and professional support and answer your questions.

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